Darius Lewis, MS has a passion for counseling that comes from his desire to help individuals and families function at their maximum capacity. He believe every person has an innate motivation to move towards the best version of themselves. He views his position in the therapeutic relationship as supporting each client through what may be a very difficult time so that they can move forward.

He currently works as a LPC-Intern and LMFT-Associate under the supervision of Lindsay Ballinger, Ph.D, LPC-S and Charette Dersch, PH.D, LMFT-S, respectively.  He completed his Master of Science degree in Counseling at Southern Methodist University. He has experience counseling in a variety of settings, including a university counseling center, crisis situations in a variety of settings including but not limited to hospitals, schools and community settings, and private practice.

He views therapy from a person centered perspective meaning that an individual or family leads decisions regarding change. What he finds most important in counseling is the therapeutic relationship between client and counselor. He nurtures this relationship by providing a safe space for people to explore their deep personal struggles while he remains nonjudgmental and empathetic. He works primarily with adolescents and adults, couples and families. He believes it’s important to consider all elements of the client(s)’ environment whenever applicable  because individuals are not born and raised without social and environmental influences. These influences can be instrumental in the healing process.

  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Parenting Issues
  • Relationship Issues
  • Crisis Management
  • Texas Counseling Association (TCA)
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