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Three Keys to Good Relationships
Why family therapy?


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Three Keys to Good Relationships

 STABILITYThe ability to have a safe, non-threatening and non­destructive relationship. Positive attitudes necessary to develop stability are humility and respect. 

 SECURITYThe ability to have a committed, reliable, and responsible relationship that grows love and trust. In order to achieve security the couple must understand responsible giving and receiving, managing money, responsible parenting, deal with gender issues, and deal with sexual issues. Positive attitudes necessary to develop security are responsibility and reliability.

Why family therapy?

What is family therapy?
Family therapy is its own distinct discipline of mental health.  It was developed in the 1950s when several psychiatrists, working independently discovered that when they worked with schizophrenic patients in the hospital, they would get better.  Then, they would send them home and they would deteriorate and be back in the hospital in a few months.  The psychiatrists discovered that this pattern would repeat itself over and over.  These psychiatrists realized that it wasn't enough to treat just the patient and not work with their environment.


Here are some good videos.  The first one is about psychology in general:
The next one is about bullying:
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